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aho - master studio

Parking tower for self-driving cars + bar

The urban strategy of the project is to propose a building which binds itself architecturally and historically to the site. 

The existing building has been a gas and service station for cars and trucks – and the proposed project is continuing in the trails of vehicular-history. Proposing a project that focuses on development in autonomous-technology and urban politics - such as the shift from personal transportation to public or shared options, and the reduction in parkingspaces within the center of cities.

Inspiration for the project comes from Wassily Kandinsky’s paintings during his Bauhaus period, in which he explores the circle and linear element, and creates dynamic compositions. A dynamic composition has been important in styles influenced by car culture, such as the Googie style, the streamline modern style and also Russian constructivism - these take inspiration from car culture and kinetic elements - emphasizing movement.