Norske tektoniske trebyggingstradisjoner

Grindbygg at Kinn

As part of a course in vernacular Norwegian architecture we were engaged by Kinnaspelet to build a musician’s pavillion on an island on the far west coast of Norway. An ancient stone church lies in a fantastical landscape and provides the site where Kinnaspelet is performed every summer. As the Site is listed we could not build anything permanent, and so we decided to make it a “Grindbygg”, which is essentially a wooden jigsaw puzzle of a building that can easily be taken down and put back up by few unskilled persons. 

Initially I worked together with Sigurd Aune Hellem to make a construction manual complete with all the necessary geometry as well as an assembly guide for the finished pieces. On site in November 2015 we completed the core construction in a manner of four days with the help of skilled craftsman Erlend Gjeldsvik.

In june 2016 we returned to assemble and clad the building in time for the play.

Anders Haagaas Grinde, Anders Dannevig, Brit Kristin Heltne, Caroline L. Hannisdal, Eva Birgitte Storrusten, Helga Feiring, Jenny Margrete Rognli, Kaia Opstad Sæbø, Nina Helene Gjersøe, Ola Nicolai Claussen, Ola Wilthil Høgmoen, Sigurd Aune Hellem, Jan Kazimierz Godzimirski, Erlend Gjelsvik, Kolbjørn Nesje Nybø