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Cardboard hospital

A lightweight expandable unit ideal for transportation, to facilitate worldwide treatment of diseases. Urgent medical assistance for those in need has become something fundamental with the appearance of easily transmitted lethal diseases. The specifics of the architecture underlying these circumstances must be further developed to design pleasant treatment spaces.

Delving into cardboard as a potential sustainable building material, the problem is tackled through units that fit into modular shipping containers. Bedding units and a rapidly expanding structure consisting of cardboard ribs are kept within the core unit, simplifying assembly on location. A simple on grade foundation array makes it possible to construct these structures on a wide variety of terrains. Units can be clustered to form large scale hospital networks, where specific treatment rooms can be introduced.

Three reports were also created for this project. Structural, CAD and a Buckylab report describing the process - total of 105 pages.


Sarah Heemskerk
James Moya Jessop
Jan Kazimierz Godzimirski